Post Script


How I long I could tell this to you;
Without putting it into a verse or two.
But what could I do? I’m just afraid.
I guess it’s better done than said.

I know you felt it when I looked at you;
When I winked, I smiled, I waved hello.
Or when you talked & I wasn’t listening,
Only for you to catch me staring.

Yes, I know you had your girl.
You were too earnest telling me about her.
Her smiles, her eyes, her voice, everything
How you love her, how you’ll do anything.

You thought I was happy seeing you two.
Thought I was ok when I talked with you.
Thought I was fine when I laughed.
But truth is, deep within, I was not.

Oh yes, there’s something different.
I know you knew; but chose not to mind it.
I was your friend, or so you thought.
I was just like that, but you were wrong.

I’m hurt when I see you with her,
Thinking your hands rightfully belongs there.
I’m broken when you look at her eyes,
Believing she’s yours ‘now and for all time.’

But then, I’m happy to see you glad,
I feel contented to see you safe in her hands,
And I shall dream your dream with you.
Forever, your happiness will be mine, too...

So long. I hope you’re fine.
I love you.


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