my twenty-six rhymes for you

every single smile is sweeter.
grunts and frowns became lesser.
every day is more joyful.
my nights are more blissful.
my darkness transformed into light.
my feebleness turned to might.
each victory is more gratifying.
every defeat, less disheartening.
every wrong i did was disregarded.
every right one, appreciated.
i cried, i wept, i mourned no longer.
now i laugh and giggle, i’m a lot happier.
pain, sufferings– i learned to fear not.
i learned to be strong; to never give up.
my past didn’t matter any more.
for what really counts now is the future.
i care not what others tell
i only care about you, nothing else.
high mountains became just but hills.
vast oceans became just but streams.
death is no longer a hindrance.
for heaven is but an inch away from us.

we’re no longer two, but one.
we’ll last not forever but beyond.

it’s but love and destiny.
you and me, eternally.

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