LTD. engagement

your name and how it's spelled
your aura and the strength it held
your soul and how innocent it can be
your mind and how it enthralled me
your magic and how it had me captured
your mystery, how weird and how absurd
your thoughts and how i crave to know more
your emotions, how i wanted to see all
your everything, how they make your whole
all the details and bits down to your core
your face and how perfect it seemed
its features and how they shine in the dim
your eyes and how they stared hard
your nose crafted faultlessly like art
your cheeks, your dimples, your chin
your lips and how they paint a grin
your ears and how you listened
your tongue and the words it had spoken
your hair and its feel, unforgettable
your scent that's so irresistible
your fingers and how gently they touch
your hands and how they reached out
your arms and how they offered me guard
your shoulders that provided me warmth
your skin and how it feels on mine
your reflexes that're so one-of-a-kind
your contours and how nicely they fit
your breath, the pressure and its heat
your heartbeat and how it sounded
your your voice and how it got me astounded
the blood inside your veins that ran crazily
the hormones that almost had me dizzy
your complexities, radioactive as radium
your tricks that put me into delirium
you and how i never had enough of such
you.. just you.. and how i like you much

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