when you flash that cheshire smile
i begin to wander away from time
'cause you set the shivers up my spine
and take the air out of my windpipe
i always want to be closer to you
have your smile and wipe away my blues
touch your dimples, see how deep they are
and marvel how your teeth shine like stars

i. LIKE. you. but i don't love you.

when you let your hand touch my cheeks
i begin to melt swifter than cheese
'cause you get my hormones running quick
and set the whole of me in fiery shrieks
i always want you to fire me up
have you next to me, give me enough
satiate my hunger and quench my thirst
be my partner in this drama unrehearsed

i. DESIRE. you. and i don't love you.

when you stare so hard into my eyes
i begin to daydream and fantasize
'cause you just let me be mesmerized
and from the pain, anaesthesized
i always want you to stare a little longer
and have my digits between your fingers
brush our elbows, stargaze together
and lay my head gently on your shoulder

i. CARE. for. you. yet i don't love you.

just like. only desire. merely care.
not love. never yet. never there.

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