when i feel lonesome, tired and down
when my smiles look better as frowns
when it feels like there's no one to embraceme
when the colors fade and i can't see
i'll think of you and how you light me bright
you are the rainbow that makes me alright

when all things seem so black and cold
when there's nothing to cling on to and hold
when the warmth is gone and i'm left alone
when my voice doesn't seem like my own
i'll search the skies and look for you
you are the rainbow that sustains me through

when everything around seems just fine
when there's that glow that makes me shine
when there's much love it lets me be happy
when nothing else exists but you and me
i'll close my eyes and feel your embrace
you are the rainbow, with whom i shall stay

when i think of how you mean so much
when i long for your sight, smell and touch
when you tell me you love me and i begin to melt
when you kiss me sweet that's so heartfelt
i'll know how much i so love the whole of you
you are mine, you are my rainbow...

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