the eaglet's twitter

i am an eagle.
i am free.
i fly high as far as your eyes can ever see.

i am an eagle.
i am akin to power.
i am unsurpassable, unparalleled and unconquerable.

i am an eagle.
i am ever-seeing.
i see even the most minute and most trivial of things.

i am an eagle.
i am with might.
i am unperturbed by heat or rain or any height.

i am an eagle.
i maybe strong but fragile still.
i cry, i sigh, i surrender, i fall down, i fear.

i am an eagle.
no matter what, i will always be.
through forever, come whatever, ‘till eternity.

yes, i am an eagle.
and i have no wings.

i am a Boy Scout.

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