I'm Here for Us

drop that frowning
screw that sulking
what's stopping you from smiling?
I'm here to keep you glowing

wipe your eyes of those tears
shoo away your intimate fears
scream it all out, I'll be near
I'm here to swear I won't disappear

'cause we can make everything right
can bring colors to the darkest night
can spread our wings and take flight
can spin dreams with our fingers entwined
can slide our ways through every rainbow
can conquer the heavens and the earth below
can banish the monster off our shadows
can paint the earth and leave it in awe

we gotta do it together
believe in our power
I'm here for US

no need to look back now
celebrate; I'll show you how
we'll weather the storm, that's a vow
I'm here and I'll always be around

spill out your secrets
be not afraid, don't you hesitate
trust me 'cause you wont have to hide it
I'm here to be the one you wanna be with

'cause we fit in just so easily
like beautiful notes to a sweet melody
like carefully-thought rhymes to a poetry
like rose buds that fill the air with beauty
can shine like stars because we glitter
can paint the horizons in perfect color
can amaze the universe like we're blockbusters
can make them jealous of the way we're together

no way we can't make it forever
our future's tinted gold and silver
I'm here for Us

don't go looking too far
I'm just a call away
erase the blues out your radar
I'm here to stay

I'm here for us
take my hand now
I love you much
we'll make it through somehow

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