The Second Hour

It’s 2:08 AM
You’ve been asleep three hours since
You should have seen me
Here I sit with my legs crossed
Thinking about you
And how you ever managed
To let your eyelids fall down
When you know I’ve been crying

It’s 2:17 AM
You’re now probably snoring
While I get headaches
And heartaches no narcotics could cure
All because of you
And your truthful lies
Of how you cheated the love
Out of me; and, I was crying

It’s 2:43 AM
Perhaps you’re done with REM
While I watch my eyes sore and swell
For staring so hard at our photo
And the cut it now had along its center
I curse your name in shouts
And I beat my chest like crazy
And I was crying; yes, I was

It’s 2:55 AM
You’re at rest
I’m in hell

Your pills can’t shut me down

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